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“We are very satisfied with your services and our experience was superb in getting our appliances repaired from you. Your free estimate helps us to make our budget remain balanced and able to use our old devices.
Mark Davidson, Bolton Canada
Thanks for the great service you provided us and not to mention the excellent customer service that came along with that. Thank You!”

Randy Price, Hamilton

“Thank you for the work performed on my dryer. I know that was difficult to repair. It was a big deal to me. I just appreciate that your company was willing to come and perform the service as many companies would not even provide me an estimate because they said the job was too critical.”

Timothy M. Floyd, Brrie

“I am SO happy with your repair service and the cost!!! You care for our appliances more than us. GREAT JOB by appliance repair service center to save our precious time and we respect your ethics.”

John Palin, Oakville, Canada

“I was worried about the Oven to be repaired soon as my guests were arriving the 1st thing in the morning, it was a delight when I got it repaired in the evening by you and saved me from a lot of embarrassment in front of my guests. Thank you for your considerate and sensitive attitude towards my problem.”

Kathy Palmer, Toronto

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