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Getting the Most Out of Your Washing Machine Through Professional Washer Repair

How long have you had that shiny Samsung or Frigidaire washing machine, the one you dished out the big bucks on? A year? Maybe two? And now something has gone wrong, terribly wrong. You need professional washer repair. The door won’t open and is keeping your poor clothes hostage. Or maybe some tubing has come out of the back and your laundry room is flooded. You only really have three options at this point and two of them won’t be so great for your wallet – or your sanity. Do you pay for a new machine? Try to fix it yourself? Or do you go…

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Appliance repair is more affordable than replacing what is broken

If you own any household machines then you must have noticed that they seem to require appliance repair at the worst times possible – need to wash everything before a vacation? Great time to have that washing machine door jammed, or the dryer not turning on, or the clothes iron needing appliance repair, take your pick! What’s even less exciting is the prospect of dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new appliances – because how many of us still use appliance repair service? Did you know that a new fridge could cost you anywhere from $600 to (yikes!) $4000, and a new washing…

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