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How to Replace Washing Machine Drive Belt (Part #WPW10006384)

If your washing machine won’t spin, agitate, drain, or is making a loud noise, you may need to replace the washing machine drive belt (Part #WPW10006384). First unplug the power cord. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the water supply hoses from the inlet valve. Secure the washer lid with tape. Tip the unit forward and allow the front of the washer to rest on a blanket or towel. The belt is located under the washing machine. At the bottom of the washer remove the screws securing the belt cover and pull the cover off. To remove the belt, rotate the belt towards the…

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How To Replace Washer Lid Switch (Part #3949238)

If your washing machine fills with water and agitates, but does not spin or drain, you may need to replace the washer lid switch (part number 3949238). This article will instruct you on how to replace the washer lid switch on top load Whirlpool, Sears, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Kirkland, and Inglis washing machines. Any time you work on an appliance, make sure it is unplugged or the circuit breaker is off. Also turn off your hot and cold water supply to the washer. Your new washer lid switch will have an electrical connection that plugs into the wiring harness on one end and a switch on the other…

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Pros and Cons of High-Efficiency Washers

High-efficiency(HE) front-load washing machines and top-load washing machines use less water, clean clothes better, and spin quicker than traditional top-loaders with agitators in the center. But these advanced machines also have disadvantages. Before purchasing a new appliance consider these pros and cons of high-efficiency washers. Pros: High-efficiency top-load washers and front-load washers use less water. Cons: Long wash times. Since they use less water, many HE top-loaders take 60 to 90 minutes to wash an 8-pound load. Front-loaders take about 75 to 100 minutes to do the same amount of laundry. Many manufacturers are expanding the washer capacity and adding a time-saving feature so that…

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Front Load VS Top Load

If you are considering of purchasing a new washing machine, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to purchase a front loading or a top loading washing machine. Only in the past decade or so have front loading machines been made available to purchase for our households. Traditionally front loading machines were used in Laundromats for more of commercial use. These days you will find front loading machines in the majority of households.   If you are space conservative and don’t have much room, a front loading machine can only be stacked, with the dryer. A top loading machine does…

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Draining Repair

Is your Whirlpool washing machine not draining properly? It’s probably time to replace the draining pump. Just follow these easy steps to remove and replace the draining pump and your washing machine will be up and good to do go for your next laundry cycle. Caution: Remember to always unplug your washing machine before making any repairs. Removal of old drain pump 1) First step is to move the control panel out of the way. With a screwdriver, remove the screws bound on both ends on the front panel. In some Whirlpool models, the screws might be located in the rear panel or they might…

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How to clean your washing machine.

Your washing machine is one of the most-used appliances in your home. You count on this appliance to carefully clean your delicates, remove the grime from your workout gear and to provide your family with fresh clothes for everyday wear. Because you use your machine so often and work it so hard, it is no surprise that it may need some maintenance from time to time to keep it working its best. There is one task you can tackle yourself. Cleaning the washing machine is a relatively easy task that can make a big difference in your laundry process. A dirty washing machine often has…

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Washing Machine Repair, Problems, and Their Causes

If you had to call a washing machine repair man it was most likely due to one of the following four problems: The washing machine is tripping the circuit breaker (turning it off). This kind of an issue is usually due to a problem with the motor, the suppressor, a faulty wire, or water dripping on some electric parts. A DIY approach to washing machine repair in this case is strongly discouraged unless you are a certified electrician. The washing machine is not spinning. A faulty motor can be the culprit of this issue as well; however, it can also be caused by a drive…

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