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How to Install Defrost Timer (Part # 215846602)

The defrost timer controls the defrost cycle of the freezer. If your refrigerator or freezer sections are too warm or too cold, the freezer won’t defrost, or the freezer runs too long then you may need to replace the defrost timer (Part # 215846602). Caution: Anytime you work on an appliance, make sure it is unplugged or the circuit breaker is turned off. To begin, you will need a 1/4 inch nut driver and Phillips-head screwdriver. To access the part you will need to open the refrigerator door. Remove the upper shelf assembly to have more room to work in. The defrost timer is located…

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How to Replace Refrigerator Drain Pipe (Part # W10619951)

If the bottom of your fridge is leaking water, freezer has frost build-up or is not defrosting you may need to replace or clear the refrigerator drain pipe/tube (Part # W10619951). The drain pipe/tube carries water formed during the defrost cycle to the drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator. Caution: Remember to unplug the refrigerator before installing this part. If your fridge is connected to a water supply you need to turn it off and disconnect the line. To begin, you will need a 1/4 inch nut driver and small flat blade screw driver. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to reach…

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How to Replace Water Pump for Washer (Part # 3363394, W3363394, WP3363394)

If the washing machine will not draining water, leaks or makes loud noises then it could be caused by a defective washer drain pump (Part # 3363394, W3363394, WP3363394). The drain pump removes water from the washing machine during the drain cycle. This article will walk you through the steps to remove and replace the draining pump. Caution: Be sure to unplug the appliance before you begin. The first step is to move the control panel out of the way. To do this, remove the screws from both ends of the control panel. In some models the screws may be located in the rear of…

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How To Replace Dryer Thermal Fuse (Part # 3392519, W3392519, WP3392519)

The clothes dryer is one of the most used appliances in the home. If it stops working, you may be stuck with a pile of wet laundry. Hanging your clothes on the line can take hours and be inconvenient. If your dryer wont heat or turn on, you may not have to face expensive and time-consuming repairs to get it back in working order. It’s possible to fix your appliance by replacing the dryer thermal fuse (part number 3392519; W3392519; WP3392519). This article will show you how to replace the thermal fuse replacement part for most Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Kitchen Aid dryers. Any time you…

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