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A Brief History of Sunbeam Appliances

Sunbeam is a leading global consumer products company built around a dynamic portfolio of differentiated, world-class brands and winning people dedicated to delivering outstanding financial performance to investors and customers by consistently providing superior value and innovation to our consumers. 1893 Two founders of Sunbeam, John K. Stewart and Thomas J. Clark, began manufacturing and selling a commercial horse clipping machine in Chicago. 1946 The Chicago Flexible Shaft Company became incorporated as Sunbeam Corporation. 1951 Sunbeam purchases Rain King Sprinkler Company and begins selling popular lawn sprinklers. 1960 Sunbeam acquired the John Oster Manufacturing Company and introduced the Osterizer blender, a completely automatic blender. 1981…

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Front Load VS Top Load

If you are considering of purchasing a new washing machine, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to purchase a front loading or a top loading washing machine. Only in the past decade or so have front loading machines been made available to purchase for our households. Traditionally front loading machines were used in Laundromats for more of commercial use. These days you will find front loading machines in the majority of households.   If you are space conservative and don’t have much room, a front loading machine can only be stacked, with the dryer. A top loading machine does…

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